Festival 2018 Workshop Descriptions


Friday, July 13th, 1 pm – 3 pm

Aiming for the Extraordinary:  Actor Anchor Exercises That Help Foster Ensemble Connections and Support Strong, Effective Production Processes

Presented by Marilyn “Cookie” Hetzel


During this "hands-on, on-your-feet, moving-doing" workshop Dr. Hetzel will share and lead a series of exercises that support and foster creativity, ensemble synergy, vocal/mind/body responsiveness, listening, movement flexibility, self-discipline, imagination, creativity, character relationships, production ensemble relationships (including tech), focus, and more! All of these activities serve as anchors or bridges to what an actor and a company strive to achieve in a production.  And they're fun. 



Saturday, July 14th, 10 am – 12 noon

AACT Adjudication: The Inside Story

Presented by Kathy Pingel


The adjudication process has been examined by committee and although the rules have not changed, there is now an established curriculum to solidify AACT’s approach to both supporting and educating companies who participate in festivals.  The curriculum focuses on philosophy of adjudication, various approaches and clarifying the purpose of solid feedback. 


The national adjudication training course is a full forty hours, but Kathy will hit the highlights and answer any questions during this dynamic two-hour discussion.  Topics include:  Adjudication: A Five-Minute Miracle, Johann von Goethe and AACT Adjudication, and Starting with a Theatre Truth.  It needn’t be a mystery anymore!


Thursday, July 12th, 3 pm – 4pm

When Words Fail, The Body Speaks: Training the Body and Voice

Presented by Jan Justis


This is a theatre workshop for actors looking to expand and refresh their resources that find expression through the body. We explore “physicalizing” intentions without choreography or stereotyping of characters. The class is structured with exercises and games for the ensemble, in partners, and alone that integrate physical and verbal expression.


“Every tiny shift of the body reflects a change in some aspect of the inner world. Something alters inside, and the body responds in some way. The word ‘emotion’ contains the idea of ‘motion.’ Also, we say ‘we were moved’ by what we saw.” Lorna Marshall, The Body Speaks



Friday, July 13th, 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

Ready – Aim – Fire!  Safe & Realistic Use of Firearms on Stage

Presented by Kathy Herrin


Use of weapons, particularly firearms, can be an integral part of a production. This workshop will discuss a variety of topics surrounding the use of firearms including policies and protocols, training needs, safety concerns, use and motivation, selecting the appropriate firearm, and presenting realistic portrayals.


This workshop is NOT going to be a discussion about Second Amendment rights,

nor will there be actual weapons displayed/used; however, a retired law enforcement officer and former range officer will be present to address technical questions.  If your theatre company

MIGHT ever stage a play that involves firearms, this workshop will prove highly beneficial.


Saturday, July 14th, 9 am – 10 am

OUCH! Stage Makeup: Injuries and Gore You Will Really Use

Presented by Emma Dehner


In this workshop, we will focus on injuries! We will play with blood and gore as it relates to the stage, however, we will focus primarily on how to achieve realistic injuries that you would actually find in a show: cuts, bruises, gunshot wounds, and more.


This class will be an interactive experience. If there is something that you are wanting to see, the presenter will try to make that happen! The makeup techniques will be shown live on volunteers. The goal of this workshop is to make it as applicable to our everyday stage life as possible! Come with questions and come excited!