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Organization’s Mission


To Promote and Enrich Community Theatre in Colorado



Primary Goals for CCTC Ambassadors


To advocate for and promote the activities and mission of the Colorado Community Theatre Coalition in their region of the state

Benefits to CCTC Ambassador


  • Be a catalyst for enhancement of community theatre programming in your region of the state

  • Gain the respect and notoriety of local theatre companies as the representative of a statewide organization

  • See more theatre productions and explore new theatre companies

  • Get to know the decision makers for the theatres in your area with the intention of helping them expand their abilities as a theatre


Duties of CCTC Ambassador


  • Attend the Colorado Theatre Festival produced by CCTC each year if scheduling allows

  • Be well informed about basic structure, mission, and activities of CCTC

  • Be an audience member at as many community theatre performances as possible with a desired annual minimum of six shows produced by at least three different theatres (may be fewer if there are fewer theatres within a reasonable driving distance)

  • Make a concerted effort to interact with the decision makers (executive directors, artistic directors, business managers, stage directors, tech directors, etc.) of community theatres and promote the Colorado Community Theatre Coalition and its activities

  • Invite company representatives to participate with the annual Colorado Theatre Festival either as a presenting company or as individual registrants

  • Be available to serve as liaison between local theatre companies and CCTC board representative for all questions and possible participation with the organization




CCTC Ambassador Program


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