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Coalition Corner: Take Five Video Submission Guidelines

The Colorado Community Theatre Coalition’s (CCTC) program, Coalition Corner: Take Five, is an opportunity for supporters, educators, professionals, and community theatre groups to submit short videos for inclusion and broadcast on the CCTC’s social media and streaming platforms.   These videos are intended to educate, inform, engage, and highlight those in the theatrical community, with a particular focus on those who identify closely with community theatre.

What we’re looking for:

  • Videos that provide our viewers, membership, and associated theatre groups with insightful, entertaining, helpful or educational content.  These can include: “Best practices”, “Tech tips”, “DIY’s” and similar themes.

  • Videos that are of high quality and beneficial content.  Special attention should be placed on effective lighting and clear audio.

  • Video length should be around 5 minutes but not to exceed 10 minutes. Should a topic require a longer period of time, there is an option, at the CCTC’s discretion, to break it into “parts” or multiple segments.

  • Videos must be original and not forwarded content from an outside source.

  • All artists included in the video must obtain appropriate rights for any music or content displayed in the video that is not directly owned by the artist. It is the onus of the individual submitting the video to obtain any related permissions or releases in advance.

  • Not accepting:

    • Show performances. Clips from shows that support the content, are acceptable. For example: if the video is on costuming tips, it is appropriate to include a snippet of video with the costume in a performance.

    • Mature Content.  These videos are intended for a wide audience, so please use discretion.

    • Commercials. You are welcome to reference your trade or business, but the bulk of the video needs to be content as described above and not promoting a specific person or product with intent to sell.

Release Information:

  • Any videos submitted become the property of CCTC.

  • The CCTC reserves the right to edit the video to meet time parameters.

  • The CCTC does not guarantee that the video will be broadcast.  Submissions that are not chosen will be released back to the submitter and they will be notified.

  • By submitting a video, all parties associated with that video acknowledge and accept that the video will be broadcast publicly on the CCTC’s social media and streaming platforms.

  • Submissions, creators, and participants will not receive any financial compensation.

  • CCTC agrees to promote the artist, theatre group / company, etc. in conjunction with the video by including their contact information (as provided by the submitter).  This can include, but is not limited to, links to websites, social media platforms, emails, photographs, etc. Please provide this information when you submit you return your signed release form.

How to submit:

  • Submit a proposal of the topic your video will cover via this page on our website. 

  • We will respond with the full video submission guidelines as well as the required release form.

  • Please acknowledge your acceptance of the release form prior to submitting your video.

  • You will also be provided with a link to a Google Drive folder where you can upload your video.

  • Please confirm the title of your video, submit a one paragraph description of your video, and send your headshot or any presentable photo of yourself.

Basic technical advice:

  • Position phone or other recording device securely while filming, and make sure you are centered in the frame

  • Lighting is very important, so please make sure you / the subject is fully illuminated with no shadows or reflections from glass surfaces (such as glasses, framed artwork in the background, etc.)

  • Check sound levels before recording full video to ensure sound is clear and at appropriate volume level

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -- For additional guidance, visit this list of FAQs

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