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Support Colorado Community Theatre

You can make a difference


Please partner with us today to help us deliver on our mission to promote and enrich community theatre in Colorado.  The performing arts is not just entertainment, it's a way for a community to come together and learn about themselves.  Your contribution enables us to expand the resources we can make available to community theatres around the state.  Here are a few samples of what Colorado Community Theatre Coalition and the Colorado Theatre Festival has meant to people of all ages:



"It's great to feel like we are a part of the community.  We love to see all of the other plays.  The Colorado Community Theatre Coalition is a wonderful host."


"I learned more about how to present myself on stage through watching others."


"We, as participants, are grateful for the efficient coordination and help that you offered us all.  You not only welcomed us, but you even fed our stomachs and our egos. . . . For us, senior citizens all, it was an unforgettable experience.  We thank you again."



Please consider making a contribution to the Colorado Community Theatre Coalition of your time or financial support.  We thank you!                                     



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