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Organization’s Mission


To Promote and Enrich Community Theatre in Colorado


The Colorado Community Theatre Coalition is on the threshold of expanding its reach to include additional services and support for community theatres around the state.  We need your help to make that happen.  Please consider contributing your areas of expertise to further enhance the strength of the organization.


Expand Our Impact in these Areas


  • Marketing

  • Website Management

  • Social Media

  • Theatre Education

  • Event Planning

  • Grant Writing

  • Theatre Resource Coordinator



Colorado Community Theatre Coalition Board Members


Provide Leadership in a More Significant Manner


We are looking for a few good people to bring new insights, provide leadership, and contribute their passion for expanding community theatre in the state.  Here are the primary expectations of board membership:


  • Attend board meetings held approximately every 1 - 2 months

  • Attend the Colorado Theatre Festival produced by CCTC each year

  • Be well informed about basic structure, mission, and activities of CCTC

  • Participate with additional events beyond theatre festival

  • Provide leadership that contributes to the success of theatre festival and additional events

  • Serve as an advocate for Colorado Community Theatre Coalition

  • Have a passion for and advocate for community theatres throughout the state and particularly in your region of the state




Experts and Leaders


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