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Community Theatre Convergence Event Details


Collaboration in Community Theatre

Panelists: Maru Garcia, Helen Hand, Adrienne Martin-Fullwood

Panel Moderator: Kimberly Jongejan


Please plan to join us for this sure-to-be illuminating and interactive discussion around various forms of collaboration. The moderator will ask the panelists some questions to discover their process, their new insights, their challenges, and their successes through collaborative efforts. The panel discussion will then transition into an interactive discussion among all attendees to ask and answer questions as well as explore other possible forms of collaboration.

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We're Going Need a Bigger Space: Community Resource Sharing 

Facilitated by Megan Davis


Creating worlds takes dedication and passion, but it also takes resources. Too often, our worlds are dictated by a lack of resources, rather than augmented by their availability. How can we as a community build the real world we need to create the many worlds we share? We create resources and spaces that work with all of us!

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A Slice of Intimacy

Presented by Amelia Morse


Join us for this workshop where you will be given an introduction into Theatrical Intimacy Direction. We will explore basic boundary exercises as well as analyzing and blocking a scene with intimacy. Participation is optional. No intimate contact will happen between participants.

You will also learn a little bit about why Theatrical Intimacy Directors are important for your next production and how you can work with one.

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