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Coalition Corner: Take Five Video Submission FAQ's

The Colorado Community Theatre Coalition’s (CCTC) program, Coalition Corner: Take Five, is an opportunity for supporters, educators, professionals, and community theatre groups to submit short videos for inclusion and broadcast on the CCTC’s social media and streaming platforms.   These videos are intended to educate, inform, engage, and highlight those in the theatrical community, with a particular focus on those who identify closely with community theatre.

Q: How long should the video be?

A: The target length for your content should be between 5 and 7 minutes total. We are hoping to present quick, bit-sized pieces of information that will inspire theatre artists to hone their craft, take a new approach, or enhance their 

Q: Who is my audience? What should be the focus of my

A: While these videos can be viewed by anybody, the intended audience is for participants in community theatre in the state of Colorado. This can vary from people in large metropolitan areas with multiple theatre companies to people in rural areas with one theatre company.


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