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Colorado Theatre Festival 2023 Panel Discussion

Join us for an interactive panel discussion addressing the topic of community inclusive theatre. This approach can be described as theatre where everyone is invited to take part regardless of ability. Inclusive theatre companies work to ensure everyone feels supported and welcome in taking part in the performing arts. While there certainly is a goal for excellence in artistic ability, it may be defined differently than the standard approach to producing theatre. Come learn what these company representatives are fostering with their communities and see what techniques and approaches might be supportive of your own theatre company's sense of community.

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Roberta Hamilton-Griggs

Wesley Players Theatre Company is an independent, community theatre group that brings together people of all ages and experience levels to perform drama productions and musicals. We celebrate our core values of encouraging diversity, creativity, and community in every production, providing audiences with theatre experiences that inspire and entertain.

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Gin Walker

All In Ensemble is a new community of actors, artists and designers who want to work and play together over the long term, to develop and produce theatre that’s fresh, vibrant, and diverse.

Currently based in Evergreen Colorado, we aim to stage performances and offer theatre training in and around Denver, as well as in our beautiful foothills.

We’ll also be creating a range of performance opportunities for new and aspiring actors to grow their experience, as well as provide space for more seasoned actors and artists to develop new work and revitalize classical pieces.

All In Ensemble understands the deep value of diverse experience, persp
ectives and input, and looks to amplify the voices of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and differently abled people. As a community, we strive to be an ally to marginalized people, by nurturing a safe environment in which we can all grow, express and create meaningful theatrical work together.

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Cyndi Parr

Dragon Theatre Productions is a community-inclusive theatre program of Imagination Celebration in Colorado Springs where everyone who auditions and can make the rehearsal commitment gets a role.

This opportunity is open to people of all ages and abilities, which helps in building community and celebrating diversity. Under this model, entire families can audition together and participate, and many actors who have typically been excluded from the performance process are given the opportunity to perform. The theater does this by creating roles to showcase each actor’s talent through a collaborative, team-building process that promotes individual strengths, accommodate challenges, encourages project ownership, and fosters an environment of goal-oriented cooperation.

We are in our 15th year creating opportunities and have performed 22 shows and created roles for over 500 actors of all ages and abilities. 

Learn more about Dragon Theatre Productions

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