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Community Theatre Convergence 2022 Workshops

Amelia Headshot.jpg


Intimacy and Consent for the Community Theatre

Presented by Amelia Morse

Amelia will explore the concept of consent based practices. She strongly believes that people do their best work when they are fully informed. Making sure her students and clients feel safe is her top priority. The class will address how each participant can identify their 'Actor Values' and use them when making decisions about what types of roles they’d feel the most confident performing.

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Directing: Create and Sustain the World of the Play

Presented by Ray Bailey

What does it mean to create and sustain the world of the play? What do you have to show in the set, props, costumes and characterization to make the world one that these people would inhabit? 

Lisa Langer.jpg


Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Presented by Lisa Langer

Learn how to utilize community support to help your theater get the word out without breaking the piggy bank. Workshop includes simple techniques including social media messaging and leveraging on-air channels with creative spin.

Sue Lavin.jpg


Acting: Energize Your Scene Work

Presented by Megan Davis

Working with short scenes we will maximize their power using voice, movement and goals. Most particularly we will work on listening to stage partners.

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185 Improv Workshops Walk Into a Bar: Some Improvisation Basics for the Curious

Presented by Mike Monroney

Take a quick dive into the hot springs of your imagination (Glenwood Springs references intended) with this energetic exploration of improvisation in the style of Second City and Whose Line is it Anyway? These are dynamic skills that will apply to all of your stage work.



Tour of CMC Prototype Lab

Presented by Brian Tinker (CMC’s Isaacson School for Communication Arts and Media)

Join us for a workshop experience at Colorado Mountain College’s Isaacson School Prototype Lab. Explore how non-traditional tools and methods can enhance your productions. 3D printers, CNC machines, vinyl plotters, and more can provide unique ways to create props, set pieces and custom fittings for lighting and audio. You may not have all of these tools in your shop, but the rapidly emerging makerspace movement can provide partnership opportunities to provide access. Workshop participants will also serigraph a Colorado Theatre Festival 2019 T-shirt as a memento of the workshop.

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