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Colorado Theatre Festival 2023 Workshops

Barbara Gehring Headshot.jpg


The Complete Actor

Presented by Barbara Gehring

Bridge the gap between you and your work!

This workshop combines improvisation and scene study skills for creating effective performances and winning auditions. Students will gain tools used in improv and traditional acting methods to heighten spontaneity, create honest reactions, and be in the moment.

The Complete Actor will be offered in two parts and participants have the option to attend either ONE or BOTH sessions. Participating in BOTH parts is recommended for the full impact of the program.

Alex Miller Headshot.jpg


Dark Monday Marketing for Theatres

Presented by Alex Miller

Up your game to promote your shows with minimal time and money.

Marketing and public relations can be a tough area to handle on top of everything else you do to put on a great show. But every empty seat represents a missed opportunity, so how can you help fill them without expending too much time and money?

Alex Miller, editor and publisher of OnStage Colorado, will focus on simple, free or low-cost ways to publicize your theatre’s productions. 

Amelia Headshot.jpg


Actor Boundaries and Consent

Presented by Amelia Morse

In this workshop participants will go through a series of exercises with Intimacy Director and Coordinator, Amelia Morse.  Participants may observe or participate in Boundary Exercises.  NO kissing or sexual touch involved.  Learn how to address and be aware of your own Actor Boundaries and language around consent.

Megan Davis - Headshot.jpg


Resource Sharing - Creating Worlds Together

Presented by Megan Davis

Theatre is a collaborative art and that shouldn't start and stop on the stage. Resource sharing will help enhance the talents, opportunities, and capabilities of our theatre community. With a comprehensive database and various levels of participation, every theatre will have the chance to be included.  We create together, now let's build together!

Lara Maerz Headshot_edited.jpg


Stage Managers - All They Do And How To Utilize Them

Presented by Lara Maerz

This workshop will provide a brief overview of what you can and should expect from a stage manager and maybe some things they don’t do. Additionally, we will explore how you can best utilize your stage manager’s skills and how to find the perfect fit for your show.

Roberta Hamilton-Griggs Headshot.jpg


Effective Actor Auditions

Presented by Roberta Hamilton-Griggs

In this workshop, we will explore what wins an audition or at least makes you feel good about it! Through voice work, physicalizing, and timing work, you can discover how to make character choices that make you stand out in any audition.

Brian Miller Headshot.jpg


The Art and Craft of Lighting Design

Presented by Brian Miller

We will explore tools and techniques of lighting design. An important aspect of this workshop is focus on the art of lighting design and discussion of the types of stories a lighting designer can tell in collaboration with the other members of the creative team.  This is not just a workshop for technicians. Theatre managers, directors, and actors are encouraged to attend and learn more about how lighting is an integral part of the overall story being told.

Rick Ried Headshot.jpg


Super Sound Design on a Shoestring Budget

Presented by Rick Reid

Learn how to add dynamic sound effects and music to your non-musical theater productions without spending a fortune. This mostly non-technical workshop for new or aspiring small-venue producers and designers will introduce you to some free and relatively low-cost sound editing and playback software options. You will also learn some ways to source sound effects and music without breaking your budget or getting into ethical or legal trouble.

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